The Things Your Lawyer May Not Tell You

Facing a legal battle for a civil or criminal complaint is tough, but it can turn into a nightmare if your lawyer doesn’t deliver on all things that were promised. There are a number of reasons why a lawyer can’t guarantee a case outcome, but there is also a number of things that rest squarely on the shoulders of the attorney. If you want to get the most out of your case and the legal representation you hired, here are a few things you should know.

Money Talks

Legal help is expensive. There is no way around this painful reality. While you may not understand where such an outrageous rate may come from, you have to consider all the research hours the legal team puts in, the costs to hire expert witness services, the court filing fees, and the time it takes to actually litigate the case. If you don’t pay your attorney what you have both agreed upon, you won’t get the full attention or interest of the lawyer. They don’t have to provide a service if they aren’t getting paid.

You Need Proof

You can try to tell a lawyer your story in a way that is convincing, but if you don’t supply enough proof, there is a strong chance the attorney isn’t going to be interested. At the very least, you are tasked with coming up with the proof that is necessary for the trial. A lawyer will advocate for you, but they don’t have to be the ones digging around for paperwork or coming up with a witness list.

Play the Part

It doesn’t matter what case or allegations are pending against you, act like you own the world and are in total control. You can do this by dressing appropriately for any appearance you need to make. You aren’t going grocery shopping or for a night out. Business casual is a start, but many suggest that you dress like you would for church. Credibility is everything in your case, and you need to put on the show when the time comes.

Get It All In Writing

Whenever someone says something or makes a promise, get it in writing. In legal matters, verbal hearsay isn’t going to win the case. Even when your lawyer makes a comment or suggestion, get it in writing. Detailed documentation gives your case credibility and can work in your favor if a dispute arises between you and the attorney.

There is a lot to think about when facing a lawsuit or criminal court. Hiring a lawyer that you feel comfortable with makes a big difference, but you still need to do your part.