Incorporating Design Trends in Your Backyard Space

For many of us, we’ve taken our functional living space and extended it out of our doors into our yards. We don’t just want these places to be functional, though. Each part of our homes and yards should reflect our personalities. What this means for us is that we should absolutely treat these backyard ‘rooms’ as part of our homes when we update our living areas with the elements of the latest design trends that work for us.

Our Outdoor Living Room

Some people find a flat space, throw down a couple of Adirondack chairs and call it a day when it comes to outdoor design. Not you. You’re good with the Adirondack chairs. They’re versatile: comfortable, stylish, clean, modern and able to be spruced up easily with a new coat of paint or fun accessories. However, you don’t stop there. You’ve learned that adding fresh design elements like garden accents with a patina-aged look or a fun, not-found-much-in-nature hue like light lavender or sky blue adds a touch of whimsy and makes your mostly green garden pop with colorful interest.

Your Outside Style

As we’re converting from a hard-edged industrial look to one that is softer and more nurturing, we’re accomplishing that by adding comfortable pillows to our outdoor seating areas. We’re making soft, cuddly blankets available to ward off the night’s chill and to find our inner peace. Some of us are anchoring our outdoor rooms with stylish all-weather rugs. If we’re smart, we’re looking for fabrics that can take a little bit of a beating from the sun or inclement weather and still offer us comfort and style afterward. Don’t forget the plants that are part of your outdoor living space. You can use colorful planters in your favorite shade with foliage vegetation or unusual, repurposed containers for flowering plants.

Your sense of style doesn’t have to stop at the door. You can extend your personality into your backyard with some fresh new ideas.