When You Need to Hire a Termite Inspector

Termites are a common issue in many homes and business establishments. They primarily thrive on wood foundation, drywall, excessive moisture, and cause severe structural damage. However, they also feed on objects such as paper, insulation, and other materials. If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, evident signs will tell you that your home needs an urgent inspection.

Splintered Wood

Poor weather and manual damage aren’t always the causes of broken yet sharp protruding wood. Termites attack wood surfaces and objects by gnawing, which causes small holes or an abundance of missing pieces. Dust particles are often all that remain after termites have completed their feasting. If you find an affected wood object, you can bet that you have an invasion of wood-devouring pests in your home.

Piled Carcasses

A termite swarm occurs rapidly, yet they have a short lifespan. Although termites can invade a home on their own, their deaths are inevitable if they don’t have an available escape route. Bodies and wings are typical to find in a dead swarm and sit in a pile in the same area of their last activity.

Despite seeing termite carcasses, you shouldn’t immediately assume the issue is over. The remaining active colony continues to thrive until they also die, and the cycle continues.

Crumbled Drywall

If drywall crumbles when lightly touched, termites most likely reside behind its thick layer of plaster. Termites don’t directly eat drywall but rather settle if there is dampness resulting from a flood. Instead, they eat their way across a painted wall surface and feed on its paper and glue materials.

Nestled Eggs

Although termite eggs are rarely detectable, some individuals still wonder about their appearance. They can be yellowish, transparent, or white, based on the type of termite. Additionally, they either have a gel texture or a solid color, but the eggs are relatively small and difficult to identify. However, if you search thoroughly with a flashlight or a magnifying glass, you’re likely to see an entire pile.

A large quantity of termite eggs is an alarming sign of an infestation. It also indicates that the population can continue to expand if a professional termite inspection fort myers fl doesn’t occur.

As you can see, a termite inspector can diagnose an infestation and work to exterminate the invasion of a swarm. An insect control specialist can permanently keep those pests away rather than attempting to handle to issue yourself.