What Services Can You Expect From an Auto Body Shop?

There are several things to consider when choosing an auto body shop. Some auto body shops wash the car before starting repair work, allowing fresh paint to dry. Ask the shop about their washing policy to ensure the paint is safe to wash after the job.

Labor-intensive inspection

An initial estimate for an automobile repair at an auto body shop Denver, CO, should cost nothing, but a labor-intensive inspection is a little more expensive. This type of inspection requires tearing down the car and examining hidden damages. This is a costly service but can help you determine if you need repairs. The cost of labor-intensive inspections depends on the level of detail you require.

Some auto body shops will charge a small fee for a basic checkup, but you should get a free estimate from reputable shops. These estimates are not the best way to decide what repair is best for your car. Get multiple estimates to ensure you get a fair price. Labor-intensive inspections can add up if you don’t see all damages.

Labor-intensive repair

While the cost of an auto body repair may seem high initially, the job details can vary widely. An accurate estimate can sometimes result in higher prices, and hidden damages may raise the total cost. This process is often considered a deposit that becomes part of the repair bill when completed by the shop that provided the estimate. It is also essential to think that other body shops will charge you for an extensive examination, even if you choose to go elsewhere.

Moreover, the labor rate for a repair depends on several factors, including the shop’s location. While the average rate at an auto body shop is around $75 per hour, authorized shops are often on the higher end of the scale. While authorized shops are the best places to repair a car, they can be pretty expensive. That’s why many shops offer cheap specific deals for specific vehicles. You may need to deposit to get an accurate estimate.

Touchless wash

A touchless wash is a process in which a driver selects a cycle and parks their car. The wash cycle involves rinsing the vehicle with water and soap. Next, low-pressure nozzles spray water onto the vehicle, followed by applying a foaming liquid detergent that penetrates the car’s surface and breaks down all kinds of dirt. While this process is faster and more effective than a traditional hand wash, it has some drawbacks.

A touchless wash at an auto body shop can cost as much as $125. The process is more environmentally friendly because no dirty brushes are used. Also, the process is more affordable because it eliminates the need to purchase additional products such as unique soaps, wheel cleaners, and after-wash wax. It only requires a $15 cycle selector and does not require additional labor. If your car is washed frequently, touchless wash costs are lower than traditional manual washing.

Timeline of repairs

You are not alone if you’re wondering how long it will take for your car to be repaired. Many car owners wonder the same thing. They need their vehicle back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t have time to wait while their car is in the shop. You may even be able to get a loaner car while your car is in the shop.

The time it takes for car repairs varies depending on the extent of the damage. Some repairs are minor, while others require extensive repair. If you’ve been involved in a heavy collision, it can take a few days to several months. The amount of time you need to wait for a repair depends on the type of damage to your car, the cost of repairs, and whether you have insurance. 

Payment policies at an auto body shop

Insurers are giving customers grief these days by demanding reasonable storage fees. But they may be doing you a favor by making this policy work in your favor. For example, Charles Bryant, executive director of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey, recalled a recent instance where the insurance company insisted on submitting pictures of the wrecked vehicle. But the body shop made an exception, citing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic as the reason.

Before you sign the bill, ask about payment policies. While many insurance companies will offer specials and discounts, you might have to pay for all or part of the repair yourself. In such a case, you can negotiate the repair rates with the auto body shop. Most reputable shops have posted payment policies, including labor rates, materials costs, warranty information, guarantees, and acceptable forms of payment.