Keys to a Good Fountain or Pond

Having a fountain as part of your landscaping can vastly improve the scenery and ambiance of your home or business. Even still, there are some things you need to take into consideration when deciding if you should invest in a fountain or pond and which one to get. Here are some things you may want to pay attention to. 


Perhaps the most important decision you need to make when considering a fountain or pond is where you are going to put it. Ponds are going to do best if you have ample space for them. When deciding whether or not you should get a fountain, look at the areas you have available. Fountains look the best when they are out in the front where people will see them. Another thing to consider is the slope of the land you have to work with. If there is too much of a slope, building a fountain or pond could prove difficult or even impossible.


Once you have a good spot for the fountain or pond, you need to decide the size that you are going to make it. Not only do you need to have enough space for it, but it’s also important to weigh your options relative to the surroundings. If the building behind the fountain is short, it won’t always look the best to have a fountain towering above the building. Conversely, if the building is a very tall building, it won’t look very good to have a tiny fountain out front. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when you are choosing a size. No matter what size you choose, it is extremely important to make sure your fountains have proper aeration systems.

Fountain Pattern

Now that you have the location and size picked out, you need to decide what type of fountain to have. Some fountains trickle down onto a sculpture or other figurine. Other fountains spray water in distinct patterns. The type of fountain that you choose and even the pattern of the fountain can impact the look of the entire fountain itself, so glazing over these details can be detrimental to the end result.

If you decide that having a fountain or pond is right for you, know that you are investing in a landscaping upgrade that will significantly change the look of the area. It can mean the difference between an everyday landscape and one that people stop to really take a look at.