4 Useful Tools for Homeowners

Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or only take on a job when you can’t avoid it, having the right tools on hand can make your life much easier. These are four tools any homeowner should consider purchasing.

1. Air Compressor

Most people have had a flat tire at some point in their lives, which makes inflating the tires on your car one of the most obvious benefits of owning a farm and fleet air compressor. An air compressor also comes in handy for making sure your tires stay inflated to the proper pressure. However, automobile tires aren’t the only good use for this tool. Air compressors can be used to inflate bicycle tires, blow up balloons, inflate pool toys, air mattresses or holiday decorations, paint with an airbrush, clean tight spaces and crevices and power pneumatic tools. 

2. Screwdriver

This is one of the most commonly owned tools for good reason. Everything from putting together your new furniture to installing a shelf or assembling an exercise bike is likely to require the use of a screwdriver. There are several types to choose from. The most basic is the Phillips and flathead manual varieties. You can also find ratcheting screwdrivers that accept multiple bits for different types of jobs. If you want to go higher-tech, power screwdrivers can save some wear and tear on your hands and wrists. 

3. Stud Finder

Stud finders help you determine where the studs are in your wall. Some models will also detect metal objects, plastic plumbing pipes and AC wiring. This tool is essential if you want to hang anything on your walls. It is particularly important if you are hanging something heavy, such as a flat-screen television

4. Hammer

A good hammer is another basic, but essential tool. Hammers are necessary for any kind of project that requires nails, such as hanging pictures or shelves or building structures. There are many different types of hammers, but the most common is the curved-claw hammer. As the name suggests, this hammer has a curved claw attached to the head that can be used to remove nails to correct a mistake or disassemble something. 

The more frequent and complex the jobs are that you do around the house, the more tools you are likely to need. However, even homeowners who only want to do simple tasks, such as hanging a picture or airing up a tire, can benefit from having a good set of basic tools on hand.