Tips for Making the Most of a Small Space

Having an apartment or condominium that’s smaller than what you would have hoped for doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the style that you want your home to reflect. Some smart use of your space can help your home look more spacious while enabling you to create a look that’s stylish and organized. Here are some practical tips on how you can make the most of a small space.

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Strategic use of mirrors can make your home look larger. Large mirrors that take up a lot of wall space do this most effectively, but small dressing mirrors hung on doors create a comparable effect. In addition, you can also benefit from mirrors on your actual furniture. Check out a mirrored furniture collection to find pieces that will create a striking design concept while also enhancing the appearance of your home. These pieces have a modern and sleek look, but they fit well into virtually any existing design concept. Look for pieces that also have ample storage space so you can keep your belongings tucked away neatly.

Be Creative About Storage

A lot of smaller units lack sufficient closet space and don’t easily accommodate large and heavy storage pieces. However, any well-appointed home has to appear free of clutter and can’t seem as though it’s overstuffed with things. Having personal items scattered everywhere makes for a rather disorganized looking environment, and it can detract from your efforts to achieve a particular design aesthetic. Be creative about storage and come up with some storage innovations that fit your space well. Get sliding storage containers that can go under your bed, and consider a hanging organizer that can fit on the inside of a closet or a cabinet door. Adding a second layer to a shelf in a small linen closet or kitchen cupboard can help you increase their capacity and make it easier to keep your items organized.

Make Your Window Treatments Stand Out

Windows can help to open up the look of a small space significantly, so you should make an effort to showcase them with your design choices. Instead of plain pull-down shades, you can get inexpensive blinds with a unique color or texture.

Clever design choices can help your home make a great impression while also providing you with more comfort and functionality. When you’re working with a small face, striking furniture, good storage solutions, and attention grabbing window treatments can produce great results.