Three Simple Approaches to Improving Curb Appeal Before a Sale

Whether you like it or not, your house’s outward condition makes a first impression to visitors and buyers alike. Maintaining your home’s appearance is a part of responsible home ownership, especially if you plan to sell your home for cash in the near future. If you do plan to sell, buyers will make judgments about the value of your property based on its appearance from the street. Here are some easy ways to boost curb appeal.

Fixture Improvements

Believe it or not, but something as small as replacing exterior fixtures can have a positive impact on curb appeal. Hardware such as door handles, outdoor illumination and even your house address numbers are relatively simple changes that make your home look well maintained. These projects are simple weekend jobs that can do yourself or with friends and family in short order.

Hardscape Upgrades

The exterior hard surfaces in your yard also say a lot about your home’s upkeep. Cracked driveways and buckled sidewalks give the impression of a house that is old and may be in disrepair. Invest money and effort into repairing or replacing the hardscape in your yard. A badly kept walkway may lead potential buyers to think there are serious foundation issues. A provider of sidewalk repair Washington DC can offer you premium upgrades for your exterior spaces.

New Doors

Replacing your front door and/or garage door also breathe new life into your house’s appearance. These can be customized to complement the exterior structure. Such upgrades may also improve your home’s insulative properties for potential savings on energy costs in the coldest and hottest months.

These easy changes to curb appeal are a great return on investment for home improvement. They are relatively inexpensive and can be accomplished quickly. Some of these are easy DIY projects for the ultimate in cost savings. First impressions can make or break a sale, so don’t neglect curb appeal.