The Hidden Costs of Horse Ownership

Owning a horse is expensive. While you may only be concerned with the initial cost of purchasing a new animal companion, there are ongoing expenses you may not think about. Here are four hidden expenses of horse ownership.

Medical Expenses

You never know when your horse will get sick or hurt, and vet bills can add up quickly to be a significant expense. If you don’t have money set aside, you may not be able to provide your pet with the care he or she needs. If you want to avoid this situation, you can invest in horse medical insurance to offset unexpected expenses.


If you plan to ride your horse, you must invest in the proper equipment. You may not be prepared for the initial cost of tack and then you also have to buy cleaning supplies to keep your equipment in good condition. As your tack ages, you’ll need to replace it, so you should be prepared for this expense.

Property Maintenance

If you keep your horse on your own property, you need to make sure your pasture stays safe for your animals. You need adequate grazing room for each horse, and the pasture should be inspected regularly for potential hazards. You also need to maintain the fence that surrounds your property. The fence should be made of wood or metal, and you should check it after every storm to ensure it is still standing. If you notice any broken sections of the fence, you need to repair them immediately. You should also be prepared to repair your barn as necessary.


You may think your horse can survive on a diet of grass, but you need to invest in other types of feed to keep your companion healthy. While grazing helps cut down on the cost of feed, it should be supplemented daily with grain. You may want to add certain supplements to your horse’s diet depending upon his or her individual needs, and you also need to provide hay in the winter.

If you aren’t prepared for the cost of owning a horse, you shouldn’t bring one home. Do plenty of research before buying a horse so you know what to expect financially and aren’t surprised by any of these four hidden expenses. If you can set money aside for unexpected expenses, you can afford to care for your horse properly and help your companion thrive.