The Best Materials for Ranch Fencing

If you are like most people, you have invested time and money into your ranch. With his big of an investment, you must take steps to protect the investment with a quality fence that will be able to withstand the natural elements and possible damage from animals. While there is an array of fencing solutions available today, only a few qualify as quality ranch fencing.

Keep reading to learn the best materials for ranch fencing Texas. Knowing what will last is the best way to minimize issues.  

Cedar Split Rail

When someone thinks of fencing on a traditional Texas ranch, they likely imagine the well-known look of split rail fences. Even though these materials are used for virtually any fence need, they work perfectly on a ranch. You can use this fencing option at the perimeter of the property or as an enclosure for pets, horses, and cattle.

Cedar wood is durable; however, its best quality is the wearability. As cedar gets older, it will continue to hold up against weather conditions and animals. If you are worried about the gaps, woven wire can be added.

Horse Rail

A horse rail fence (as the name implies) is the ideal solution if you have horses. This newer design is like cedar split rail, but rather than using split cedar, it uses dimensional lumber or vinyl. Creating the horse rail is done by using five-inch wide vinyl stretched between the wires. This makes the look of wood.

Since horse rail fences use vinyl, this fencing options is considered low maintenance. For example, vinyl rarely requires repairs thanks to the longevity and durability it offers. While vinyl horse rails are low maintenance and usually do not require repairs, it is considered more of an aesthetic solution, than an effective one. Remember, horses can be extremely rough on any fence, which means you may need a stronger lumbar.

Cattle Panels

These are commonly used as an enclosure for livestock. However, they can also be used as a property perimeter. This type of fencing is installed by taking galvanized panels and then framing them using red cedar. This provides an industrial look, and the cedar creates the rustic charm that all ranches need.

If you want to install a fence, make sure to hire professionals. They can help ensure you get the desired results with the best materials for the job. Being informed and knowing the options is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved.