Considerations for Small-Scale Farmers

Farming is a profession that has been essential for the development and continuation of human civilization, and it can make for a lucrative career in the modern era. However, small time farm owners will find pursuing their own fortune will be difficult, because industrial farming operations have cornered the market. In order to succeed as a farmer today, you’ll have to make decisions that are conducive to progress. These tips can help you get there.

The Supply Chain

One of the most fundamental aspects of any business is the supply chain, and farmers are no different. A business can’t feasibly produce all of the items they sell, let alone those they need to keep operations running smoothly. Therefore, farmers will need to make partnerships with other businesses that aim to supply companies with the products they need. For example, cattle services can provide you with the feed your livestock needs, while suppliers can also provide you with seeds and fertilizer. Creating B2B partnerships and, more importantly, using them correctly can make sure that you’re never left without vital supplies. Otherwise, you will experience delays that can cost you potential revenue.


Another thing to consider when trying to succeed as a professional farmer is the various methods used for modern farming. More importantly, it’s crucial that you find the methodology that works best for your budget, because that will be a major factor early on in your career. However, it can also be helpful to find a foothold early on that will translate to a bigger, more productive company. The primary conflict of the day is that of industrial farming vs. sustainable farming.

Sustainable farming is another in a long line of eco-friendly alternatives to the more destructive characteristics of the industrial world. Therefore, it comes from a place of ethics, rather than practicality. While it’s gaining traction in the modern era of green initiatives, it’s simply not as efficient or lucrative. However, it is better for the environment, something that people are in desperate need of with the threat of climate change looming overhead. Moreover, green initiatives are a great way to earn some positive PR, and that could potentially see you rewarded over an industrial competitor.

Starting your own farming business can be a lot of things. It can be a way to get back to nature, a way to make yourself more useful to society, or a way to get filthy, stinkin’ rich. These tips can help you build up your farming operation by providing a sturdy framework.