Concealed Carry Clothing Options

Guns, ammunition, and firearm accessories are an $11 billion industry in the U.S. and experts expect that number to top $15 billion in the coming years. With so much money changing hands, more companies are trying to get into the market to get their piece of the pie.

One result is the marriage of the firearm industry and the fashion industry. Designers are pumping out newer, more innovative, and more stylish options for weapon owners by the minute. The result is that the options can be overwhelming.

Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular options on the market.


Concealing a weapon in the cold is easier as you dawn your winter gear, but there is a better option than just draping your coat over your hip holster. Concealed carry coats and jackets are specifically designed to hold your weapon safely, securely, and comfortably without adding extra bulk or discomfort. 


These undershirts are a great option for any carrier. The right one will fit snugly and allow for ambidextrous holstering under each arm in a way that feels natural and secure. Think of these undershirts as the smooth and comfortable alternative to a shoulder holster.


It has long been common practice for waistband carriers to buy pants one size bigger than they’d normally wear to make room for their weapon. That often means the fit in other parts of the pants is off, as well.

These pants aim to change that. Custom made carry-pants are designed with extra room at the waist without compromising elsewhere.


If you don’t want to replace your entire pants collection, a good belt might be right for you. Belts made for conceal carry are heavier and often a little wider than typical belts to allow for the extra weight of a firearm. They also have more secure buckles that won’t slip.

The extra investment in a belt made for your concealment needs can make all the difference in comfort and ease of use down the line.


As more women are carrying concealed weapons than ever before, designers are creating products that make sense for them.

A variety of bra options are available for women that are comfortable, supportive, and safe for weapon concealment. 

When you decide to become a concealed carrier, choosing a method of concealment is an important decision. Comfort, practicality, and safety are all factors you should consider. Fortunately, designers are doing just that as they produce options that make concealment easier for everyone.