Characteristics of a Great Leader

Leaders do the hard work of influencing the characteristics, direction and advancement of nations, companies and society. They make decisions that impact many people. Before pursuing leadership positions, consider completing decision making training courses and learning more about the qualities that make a great leader.  

Decision-Making Abilities

Leaders must make quick, accurate decisions. This requires that they be fearless and have the ability to analyze the past and present situation while forecasting the future results of various solutions. These individuals heed to have clear heads and calm demeanors. They cannot let emotion or outside influence affect the decisions they make. They also need to stand behind their decisions, but they should be humble enough to admit if they have made a wrong decision.

See the Value of Others

Not only do leaders need to hire individuals with valuable skills and knowledge, but they must also recognize their contributions to the organization. This requires that leaders understand the importance of expressing gratitude. Their employees work hard, and they will remain loyal to organizations and leaders who value them.

Adopt Integrity

Leaders require the trust of their employees and customers. Therefore, they should be honest, even when it isn’t favorable to the leader or organization. It is difficult to trust someone who is not honest, but mistakes can be overlooked or forgiven if the leader is honest and contrite.

Communicate Clearly

Leaders have to speak with many different people at different levels of the organization. They need to clearly outline their plans and financials to board members, while explaining complex tasks to new employees in ways that make sense. They also need to be media savvy. Their communication should be not only clear, but confident.

Learn and Conduct Research

Leaders need to be able to learn new concepts or tasks quickly. They should have a strategy for learning new things that includes practice and effort.

Leaders also need to understand how to research. For example, if a company wants to upgrade a process, purchase a new machine or pursue product innovation, the company’s leaders need to know how to find all the information they need to move on these tasks. They also need to be able to share it with everyone involved in the project.

Adopt Flexibility

Circumstances change, sometimes with little warning. Leaders need to be able to remain calm, analyze the situation, and adapt quickly. They need to courage to move with the changes or stand against them, which requires that they understand what is best for their companies, employees, customers and industries.

Great leaders guide the world. They are at the forefront of innovation and forward movement. If you want to be a successful leader, consider pursuing leadership training.