5 Ways To Decrease Yardwork

Having a lovely yard can become a part-time or even full-time job. Here are five ideas to keep that from happening to you. 

1. Paving Stones

Instead of so much grass that needs to be watered, fertilized, trimmed and mowed, consider replacing part of your lawn with patio pavers. You can create a backyard gathering place with some shade from a pergola or gazebo. Add some outdoor furniture and voila, a new place to party! You will have more time to relax with less lawn to care for. 

2. Low Weed Flower Beds

As you prepare your flower beds, space your plants far enough apart so that you can identify each one clearly. Use a ground cover that will keep weeds from popping up. Some gardeners use black fabric and others prefer 3-4 inches of mulch. Contact a company that specializes in mulching services Cincinnati Ohio. They can let you know the exact depth needed to stop the weeds from growing. Less weeding means more time for you.

3. Perennials

Rather than planting flowers and plants that only last for one summer, choose perennials for the majority of your plants. They will usually survive the winter and grow again the next spring. You only have to plant them once. You can even choose varieties that blossom at different months of the year, so you will have lovely colors from spring through autumn. You can always plant a few annuals in the flowerpots on your front porch to add to the color in your landscape. 

4. Xeriscaping

Many have chosen to save water by using gravel, wood, cement and even crushed glass to add beauty to their yard. The plants they choose are varieties that can flourish in the desert with very little water. Instead of large sprinkler heads, xeriscape landscaping promotes a drip irrigation system that can control the water to a few targeted areas. No wasted water by sprinkling the street and the sidewalks. 

5. Automatic Sprinklers

If you do choose to have a traditional lawn, don’t become a slave to its watering schedule. Install a timer on your sprinkler system that can turn on and off without your help. It can save you from waking up early in the morning to move hoses or turn on the sprinklers. You can even get a program that can be controlled from your phone. When you are out of town, you can water your yard from afar — no need to hire a neighbor child to do your watering. 

Don’t become so busy with your yard that you miss connecting with your friends and family. Use some of these ideas to save some time.