4 Ways to Keep Track of Current Events

The world’s population has doubled in just the last 100 years, reaching a staggering number of 7.9 billion. Not only are there so many more people on the planet, but you may have noticed that the world is also a little bit different than it was a century ago. Things can change so quickly that it may feel difficult to keep up, and with an ever-growing menagerie of political systems and cultural structures, moving through the world requires current knowledge. So how can you balance your time and effort to stay informed without checking out of real life in the process?

1. Use Social Media to Your Benefit

While the detriments of spending too much time glued to your phone or tablet have been well-studied, there are still ways to use social media responsibly. Much like how Gregg Roman comments on news and political issues, many journalists and writers turn to social media to get the word out. You can follow or engage with content from sources you trust, and this will ensure you see the news you want as you scroll your feed. Look for different outlets that address multiple perspectives on hot-button topics, and follow some “good news” accounts as well. This will help you learn about the important issues of the day and enjoy some down time while you’re doing it! Who doesn’t love combining work and play?

2. Listen to Your News

It is easier than ever to discover new sources of information. Podcasts are an excellent idea if you find yourself on the go or without the ability to stop and read a whole article. Many podcasts present daily news in short segments so you can know the gist without taking up too much time. Another great way to listen to podcasts is to search for a topic you know a little bit about already to hear different ideas and perspectives about the issue. 

3. Sign Up for Newsletters and Emails

Many news outlets offer daily or weekly newsletters that you can subscribe to easily. These will deliver the info you care about directly to your inbox so you don’t have to remember. If it’s hard to find time to read these, consider making it a part of your morning routine as you drink your coffee or eat your breakfast. Emails and newsletters can be a great option to apprise you of any important events that you wouldn’t want to miss out on knowing. They can be a way to obtain distilled, easy-to-read summaries of the day’s happenings, and they often contain links to further information if you find yourself interested in learning more.

4. Download a News App

There are some great apps available that aggregate information from different sources and put them all together in one place. These apps make it easy to get a variety of takes on any number of issues and events. You can allow notifications on your device so that your app will alert you to important developments in the topics you care the most about.

The world has come a long way in the past century, and information about current affairs is easier to obtain than ever before. It’s surprisingly easy to stay abreast of today’s news and reap the benefits of being a knowledgeable, responsible citizen.