4 Ways To Battle Hair Loss

Beautiful, thick hair is often taken for granted. The gorgeous head is just there, replenished often. Stylists dress it up, trim it to perfection and keep it looking great. Then, one day, you look up, and it’s not as full anymore. The strands are falling out when you brush. A hole is starting on the crown. Hair loss is a medical condition that often occurs with men and women in later years. While frustrating, there are ways to stop it. If you’re looking for help, consider one or more of the following treatments. 

Laser Therapy

Much of hair loss happens at the scalp as follicles breakdown. Low level light therapy for hair loss has the potential to fight this change, repairing damaged strands and spurring additional growth. Cool therapeutic lasers work to strengthen cellular function, enhance follicle size and boost blood circulation to the scalp. This process is beneficial to both men and women, offering a chance at fuller and hardy hair.

Prescription Drugs

Medical professionals may assess the strands and perform blood tests to discover the underlying cause of the loss. With this information, doctors can prescribe medicines to encourage regrowth. Two drugs currently on the market are Minoxidil and Finasteride. The first is a topical application that works to slow recession and encourage additional hair development. The second is available in pill form.

Increase Omega Fatty Acid Intake

Brittle hair breaks and falls out. The weaker it is, the thinner it becomes. Omega fatty acids are a supplement that strengthens the follicles. The oil boosts nutrient and protein levels. Durable strands are less likely to fall out. While this doesn’t replace medical treatment, it is one way to improve the strands from the inside.

Boost Iron Levels

Anemia affects the body in several ways. People may feel tired, and hands and feet may feel cold. Another unusual symptom of this vitamin deficiency is hair loss. Ask your doctor to check your blood, determining if your body fails to absorb iron correctly. If you aren’t getting enough iron, pick up a supplement tablet. Be careful not to speak with a medical expert first, however. Too much iron is insufficient for the body.

You can fight a thinning hairline. For effective treatment, specialists may ask questions or complete tests to see why this situation is happening. Then, a treatment plan is created to combat the issues, slowing down the process or spawning more growth. Be open and honest. Discussing your concerns is the first step in finding a solution.