3 Things You Should Know About Marble Care

Marble is one of the most beautiful types of stone you can use in your home. It’s a gorgeous option for countertops, backsplashes and floor tiles. While this stone has a lovely natural luster, regal feel and beauty all its own, this look is only possible through regular care and maintenance. Here are a few things to know about caring for this unique stone.

Annual Care

Regular marble polishing Manhattan NY will keep marble in tip-top shape even with regular use. While polishing can sometimes be done with specialized cleaners or floor polisher equipment rental, it’s prudent to leave this job to the experts. By getting this service done professionally, you can be sure that your marble is getting the care it needs to continue looking attractive for a lifetime, while avoiding damage from rookie cleaning mistakes.

Preventative Care

In general, marble is a relatively easy to care for stone. Though it’s not as robust as some stones such as granite, but it’s also not as delicate as stones such as slate. In order to protect it, it’s wise to use non-scuffing pads on furniture or appliances which will be in direct contact with the stone. Felt or silicone pads are generally sufficient for protection from scratches. Area rugs are also a viable option for preventing unexpected chips and scrapes. Consider potential pitting or chipping from other sources too, such as heavy artwork or decor which may fall if mounted poorly; avoid possible damage by mounting these securely.

Daily Care

Marble should be dusted weekly with a soft, lint-free cloth. After tasks such as food preparation, it’s helpful to wipe down surfaces with a mild cleaner, such as diluted dish soap or a pH-neutral stone cleaner. After using the cleaner, a rinse may be necessary to avoid dulling the shine of the stone. In addition, avoid using certain cleaners such as those containing vinegar or citrus, and be careful to immediately clean up any acidic spills — acid may permanently etch the stone, since marble reacts with acid fairly quickly. Consider using extra surface protection during food prep, such as a large cutting board or silicone mat during cooking.

With intentional care, marble can continue looking gorgeous for many years, or even a lifetime. By making a point to keep up with cleaning and maintenance on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, you can ensure that your marble tiles and counters look new all the time.