3 Options To Bolster Your Home Security

Everybody wants to feel safe, and it’s particularly important to know you are protected in your own home. If you ever have concerns about personal safety, or want to be prepared for any scenario, here are three options to improve your home protection. 

1. Firearms

Many people start their home security audits by procuring a firearm because it gives them peace of mind that, if needed, they could defend themselves and their families from a distance. Finding a smaller handgun such as a Sig P320 for sale is a good option both for storage and tactical reasons. 

It’s important that anyone who owns a gun is properly trained and understands local gun laws. In the United States, the Second Amendment grants citizens the right to bear arms, which is intended to help keep people safe. In fact, according to a 2020 Gallup poll, 32% of adults in the U.S. report owning guns.

Remember to always keep all guns out of reach of children. Using inexpensive trigger locks also adds another layer of protection.

2. Home Security Systems 

Many companies offer home security services, which often include alerting the police for you if there is a concern. These systems allow you to set an alarm when you leave to ease your mind. If somebody enters uninvited, you don’t have to be present to make sure your home is watched over and authorities are notified.

However, even something as simple as automatic lights in your yard and a doorbell camera can go a long way to increase home security. It’s not uncommon for criminals to get spooked and run if a light turns on. The presence of a doorbell camera could deter possible thieves, and the footage could help you catch perpetrators. 

3. Dogs

Dogs are often an overlooked option for boosting home security. The dog doesn’t even have to be aggressive — just barking can act as an alarm to ward off potential crooks, and it’s especially helpful if the bark sounds threatening. The friendliest dog in the world has the ability to scare off unwanted guests simply by announcing that somebody is in the perimeter. 

Whatever option you select, it’s important to find something that works with your lifestyle and helps you feel safe and secure at home. As for firearms and dogs, they can also double as interesting hobbies, so if you’ve ever considered getting either one, home security can provide a good excuse to go for it.