3 Fun Ideas for an Outside Bash

As warmer weather rolls in and friends and neighbors come out of their houses, you may be looking for a fun way to gather outside. Picnics, luaus and barbeques are all great but aren’t very original. Theme parties can be tricky because it’s harder to decorate an outside space and it is more difficult to keep certain foods cold or warm. However, you still have lots of exciting options. Here are three ways that you can get your friends together and have a blast outside.

Movie Night

Having an outdoor movie night is fun for people of all ages. Kids can curls up on blankets, bean bags or inflatable chairs. The adults will sit around a fire in camping chairs. Everyone enjoys a good comedy flick under the stars.

This should be done in a big backyard or a public field. Mobile restrooms may be needed depending on the venue. You can buy a portable projector screen or simply use a king-size flat sheet. Movie projectors are available online for purchase at a variety of prices. Some cell phones even have the ability to project videos. Roast marshmallows or hotdogs and pop some popcorn for snacks. Create ambiance by stringing lights around the seating area and make sure you have lots of comfy blankets and pillows.

Park Pavilion

Renting a pavilion at the local park has many advantages for larger groups. Parking won’t be a problem and restrooms are usually close by. Pavilions offer shade in the heat and protection in case a stray rainstorm rolls through. Most parks offer rentals for a small fee or for no cost at all. Plus, you will have tables and chairs to use without having to bring your own. There may be a playground or pond to keep the kids busy and entertained. Adults can set up a volleyball net, horseshoes or other outdoor games and play the day away. You really don’t need a birthday or holiday to take advantage of all that local parks offer.

Overnight Camping Trip

You may be thinking that a camping trip is more than you had in mind, however it doesn’t have to be. Camp somewhere close, even in your backyard, and stay for one night to make this trip seem more doable. If you ask each family to provide one meal for everyone, then you should be able to get away with one normal-sized cooler. Not overpacking will be key here. Remember it is one night and you can run home if you really need something.