2 Things You Need In A Landlord

When looking for an apartment developed by Taylor Equities, it can be easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles on current units. From on-site spas, to gyms and outdoor grilling stations, apartments today have it all. However, something that gets forgotten on a renter’s search sometimes is finding a good landlord that manages one of Steven Taylor Taylor Equities properties. A good landlord is key in having an enjoyable experience as a renter. Here are two characteristics you need to be choosy about on your rental search. 

1. Do they know their tenants?

A landlord is like an overseer. They manage housing that people come home to every day and oversee the community. While some units are bigger, and the landlord is less involved, a smaller unit with a family feel should know the people who rent from them. When viewing units, ask them about the unit’s neighbors and see how much they know about who occupies their community. Having a respectful tenant-landlord relationship is vital, and you can analyze the relationship a landlord has with their tenants as you search and tour units. 

2. Are they friendly?

Living in an apartment where you’re scared to approach a landlord because they’re uninterested or always finding excuses to not help makes any living arrangement tense. The less comfortable you feel reaching out, the less you’ll enjoy living in your community. A friendly face or welcoming personality will enable you to come to a landlord with suggestions, ideas or updates on how the community could be improved. A good landlord will want to enhance the renter’s living experience, and if everyone is on the same page, more solutions are bound to be found. 

While you should look for living features that fit your checklist as a renter, don’t forget about the administrative aspects of renting. Being mindful and aware of the landlord managing your property is an important part of your rental search, too.